infuzions was born in the land of redwoods and waves, beautiful humboldt county, california.

Our roll on’s, bath bombs, and infused lemonade are sourced from the most beautiful whole plants, flowers, fruits and essential oils. We have a  large local network of growers and farmers to bring you the highest quality sustainably grown cannabis from the emerald triangle. Our trusted sources have perfected the process, passing down their knowledge and wisdom for generations and using simple, safe and sustainable solutions. Creating products guided by love and infused with intention, for the healing of the mind, body, and soul,

THIS is our passion.

Our personal thirst for health & wholeness led us down the path to creating these handcrafted, all natural cannabis-infused bath & wellness products made in the heart of Humboldt County, California.

After being diagnosed with Lyme's disease, a desire was sparked to discover new ways to help ease pain and promote healing naturally. We blend ancient and modern wisdom to create the highest quality bath and wellness products, all handcrafted by real people in small batches in the heart of Humboldt County.

Our logo incorporates the lotus flower which is a symbol of beauty and purity in nature.

Jenny Rhae


Hugh Cole