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with our handmade infuzed bath bombs

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About Us

Infuzions uses cannabis, herbs, and essential oils to create infusions for mind, body, and soul from the heart of Humboldt County, CA.

Our personal thirst for health & wholeness led us down the path to creating these handcrafted, all natural cannabis-infused bath & wellness products made in the heart of Humboldt County, California.

After being diagnosed with Lyme's disease, a desire was sparked to discover new ways to help ease pain and promote healing naturally.

We are deeply committed to sharing this 100% natural, safe & sustainable cannabis-infused herbal bath bombs & cannabis-infused wellness products with anyone battling pain or health issues, as well as with individuals simply looking for new ways to relax and ease tension.

Why Infuzions?

By blending ancient wisdom with modern healing modalities we bring you Humboldt Infuzions.  

These spa-quality cannabis-infused products blend essential oils with the finest sustainably grown whole plants, flowers, fruit, sourced from a large network of local farmers from California's 'emerald triangle". humboldt infuzions is created by real people in small batches, with love. we believe everyone should have access to safe & effective cannabis-infused wellness products.

infuzions for the healing of the earth. 

infuzions for the healing of you.